Lorain, Ohio, Lorain Palace Theater, 44052 Gallagher Comes Home: The Last Smash – November 4th@8PM – $42/$34/$29/$25

Gallagher Comes Home: The Last Smash – November 4th@8PM – $42/$34/$29/$25

Gallagher… Sure, he’s the famous watermelon smasher.  He pretty much invented the television stand-up comedy special, he’s appeared on 14 Showtime specials and in 3,500 live shows to capacity crowds.  Gallagher has led an extraordinary life, with an even more spectacular career, but it all began in Lorain, Ohio, where he lived for many years before becoming an international comedic superstar.


Gallagher was the #1 comedian in ticket sales and ratings for almost 15 years.  And now, it’s his “Last Smash” and the homecoming that “almost never was” as Gallagher returns to the Lorain Palace theater for one night only.


His fan base is one of the most loyal there is, and he rewards them every chance he gets.  As a matter of fact, audiences lucky enough to snag a ticket to Gallagher’s homecoming show at the Lorain Palace will be greeted by the man himself who’ll be happy to take pictures and sign autographs for his hometown crowd.


Gallagher will be joined by Artie Fletcher as part of Gallagher’s “Joke’s on You” tour.  Artie has been seen on Law and Order, Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and The Tonight Show (just to name a few) and will add to “the most unpredictable unscripted comedy mayhem you’ll ever see.”  Get ready to laugh from start till finish.

Premium “Splash Zone” seating is very limited and expressly for those who want to feel the full impact of Gallagher’s Last Smash!  (We’ll supply the ponchos.) $42 tickets